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From Nightshifter to Content Creator

Let's talk about sleep, self-care, and systems that work.

One of the things that I noticed while working shift work is that very few people are adequately prepared for the grind of graveyard shifts—usually because they haven’t had time to build solid shift work routines. 

No matter why you’ve ended up on the night shift, the challenges you face need tailor-made solutions. 

​That’s where Night Shift Wellness comes in. I’m excited to share what I have learned with my fellow night shift warriors. I’ve surveyed many night shift workers, learned about their challenges, observed their solutions, and packaged their collective wisdom for you.

Meet the team

Creative Director

Digital Marketing Manager


Registered Dietician

Content Creator

Content Creator


NICU Nurse + Marathoner

CDICU Nurse + Blogger

Holistic Nutritionist

ER Clerk + Spin instructor

Physician + Writer