Freezer Bag Slow Cooker Meals: Complete Guide + Recipes

I wrote this e-book to fill a hole in my own cookbook collection. I loved the idea of freezer bag slow cooker meals but I was consistently disappointed with the information and recipes available.

I pinned so many great looking ideas, only to find out that they relied on highly processed ingredients. No thank you! Other articles seemed obsessed with producing scores of freezer bag meals for mere dollars but were seriously short on nutritional value.

So, I set out to create a practical guide on freezer bag slow cooker meals with a set of truly amazing recipes. As friends and family heard about it and tried out the recipes, I was blown away by their positive reaction!

What’s in the book

This e-book will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make freezer bag slow cooker meals and includes 12 fail-proof recipes that you’ll love.

  • Step-by-step instructions for every step
  • Freezer bag meal assembly secrets and shortcuts
  • Tons of slow cooking tips
  • Advice on which cuts of meat work best
  • 12 tried-and-tasty, nutritious recipes

Why these meals work

I’ve always loved the concept of using a slow cooker, but I got into a bad relationship with slow cookers. Here’s how it would go: I’d buy a slow cooker. I wouldn’t use it all. In an enthusiastic decluttering sweep, I would donate it. But, alas, many months later I would fall back in love with the idea of slow cooking. And the whole cycle would start again.

How did I break the mad cycle of slow cooker buying/donating? I figured out a way to front load the work by prepping and freezing entire meals that could easily be thawed and cooked on busy days. This worked especially well for my shift work schedule – I could make/freeze meals on my days off, then cook them (while I was sleeping!) and wake up to a tasty dinner, with leftovers to boot!

The benefits

  1. Convenience: All the prep work is done ahead of time!
  2. Time-saving: Batch cooking saves time.
  3. Curbs temptation: No takeout temptation when supper is already cooking!
  4. Economical: Shop the meat sales and prep many meals at once.
  5. Stick to a schedule: Dinner is on the table, on-time.

About the recipes

The recipes were created with modern families in mind who like to eat healthy meals made with whole ingredients. There are no exotic or hard-to-find ingredients and NO pre-packaged or processed ingredients.

  • No grains or gluten – lots of vegetables and other whole foods.
  • No refined sugar. The recipes use natural sweeteners such as honey or date syrup, if needed.
  • No cow’s milk. A few recipes use plain yogurt, goat’s or feta cheese as an optional addition.

Why 12 recipes?

I focused on creating a dozen super high quality, nutritious recipes instead of pumping out scores of mediocre ones. The recipes included in this guide are tried-and-true. They are flavourful, nutritious, and exciting. (None of them will produce those one-note, mushy slow cooker meals we all dread!)

Are you ready to make freezer bag slow cooker meals?
Grab a copy of my e-book today and get started! 

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